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Secure Payment

 1.      Do you accept international credit cards?

 Unfortunately currently at we do not accept international credit cards. You can choose to pay via local credit cards and debit cards or choose a COD option. 

2.      Is it safe to use my credit card on your site?

Yes! understands that the safety of your personal information is extremely important to you. We use a wide array of electronic and physical security measures and devices to protect your personal data and credit card information from unauthorized access.


3.      Is it safe to use my debit card online?

Yes! And please note: If you choose to pay by debit card, the amount you charge will be put on "hold", meaning it will not be available to you once you place your order. Once your transaction is processed, the amount of the transaction will be withdrawn from your account and the original "hold" will be voided.


4.      What forms of payment do you accept? currently accepts Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Cash on Delivery payments

What can cause my order to be delayed?


1. If the billing information you provided does not match what your bank has on file (including address and telephone number), your order may be delayed.

2. We all love sending gifts to others and ourselves as much as we love receiving them. However, if you are shipping to an address other than your billing address, your order may be delayed.

3. Logistics company has delay on their end.


5.      Do I need to pre-pay for my product when I order it?

Pre-payment is 100% safe and easy. However, Bargain also offers you the possibility to pay through Cash On Delivery (CoD). With CoD, you can pay in cash to the delivery agent upon receipt of your order.


·         Some Items may not be available for CoD

·         The maximum order value for CoD is 100,000 PKR

·         Gift cards or vouchers cannot be used to make CoD payments

6.   Is it safe to pay with credit / debit card?

·         Fraud detection and prevention are very important to us. We take all steps to ensure that transactions are genuine and that our customers’ details are completely secure.

7.Are there any hidden charges when I make a purchase on Bargain?

There are no hidden charges when you make a purchase on Bargain. The order amount is inclusive of all taxes and shipping fees. In case your order is delivered partially you will be required to pay only for the item that has been delivered to you. The order amount will be mentioned on the parcel and the invoice. Please note that we will never ask you to pay extra cash to the rider.